Ausit- Scottoiler Price List

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Kit Type's















Universal Kit The best selling kit, fits most model bikes and comes with 500 mil of Oil.









Push bike, Active Fluid System 

Woo Look, one for a pushie 

Use a new deraller wheel,

Please ask.

$ 93.50







Touring Kit This is similar as to the above with an added capacity tank 





Which will virtually last between services, The tank fits behind the number plate.














High Capacity Reservoir





For Universal Kit Only.






Fits behind the number plate so you don't have to top up as often





Includes all necessary lines and fittings, etc.




Scottoiler Oil .5 Ltr





Scottoiler Oil

.250 mil 

This oil is important to the longevity of the unit it will not effect the units parts,





and is mixed for the correct flow.




Scottoiler Oil

.125 mil 

The oil has a high Lubing content to keep the chain clean and greatly reducing wear




Duel Injector  New!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 









Spare parts are available if required.


Prices are subject to change without notice.













All prices plus postage & handling

Prices include GST

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